There are families who do not boast of their traditions and their own history because they look ahead, they live their present time. So is the Crazzolara family, owners of the Fanes Group: a new reality in the panorama of Alta Badia.Fanes Group is a private company composed of a house of brands and represented by a unique and indivisible quality: an extended family, young and dynamic, with ancient roots dating back to 1560.

Today Reinhold Crazzolara is the CEO of the group, and along with his mother Frau Maria is the host at the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes. He has been taking care of the hotel in San Cassiano for over twenty years, after having transformed it from ancient Maso into a beautiful Four-Star Superior. The old stone and wood building has been extended, preserving its original rooms, the stube, the cellar and the front door, dating back to 1560.

The Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes has taken various forms over time, still paying special attention to the mountain style. The original 16th and 17th century furniture and the dominant colours, antique pink, red and green, make of this environment an exclusive location. The hotel offers:

suites with saunas overlooking the Dolomites;

a heliport;

a wellness spa resort with nine treatment rooms, the Cleopatra room for milk baths, a room for hay baths, and more than one hundred treatments and face and body massages;

indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools;

saunas and relaxation rooms;

silence room with water beds;

panoramic solarium;

the restaurant.

Great news in 2013, the Fanes Chalets are prestigious units with sizes from 60 to 100 sqm, in total privacy, built using top bio-architecture, interior design and “five-star” services, built right next to the hotel to enjoy all the advantages of the panoramic position overlooking San Cassiano and the Conturines, La Varella and Lagazuoi massifs. Top finishings.

Reinhold Crazzolara also owns the charming Ciasa Roby Garnì in San Cassiano and the Ciasa Anteriöl, a recently built private house, located at the town’s entrance. The Ciasa Anteriöl apartments and rooms have the same charm of the hotel but are more private, with solutions to accommodate guests from any geographical area and of any touristic taste.

The Las Vegas Lodge Refuge is the home of Ulli Crazzolara, ski instructor with a passion for sport: former giant slalom competitor with over one hundred cups and medals won in small and large competitions, since Ulli stopped competing professionally, he has become the “core” of the group, overseeing the brand promotion activities. His baita refuge at 2,050 metres of altitude is the centre of every common event: from San Cassiano you can reach the Las Vegas Lodge by cable car and snowmobile, or from La Villa on skis or from Corvara through the Piz Arlara, the Boé or Col Alt, always towards the Piz Sorega.

A 10 km path from the village leads to the front of the refuge. To return to the centre, there is the toboggan track: 3,5 km of pure fun in the woods. But if reaching the Las Vegas Lodge is easy, it’s the leaving that is difficult! The soul of this house is the feel-good factor: healthy living, intense emotions, lightness of spirit, sports and good food.

To the beauty of the Las Vegas, Ulli also combines a charming three-star residence in the centre of San Cassiano, Ciasa Ulli.

The Lüch from Pcëi agritourism belongs to Luca and Marina Crazzolara’s family. It includes the Majun da Pcëi stable, a dairy farm and the bed and breakfast with agritourism, a total of 18 rooms and apartments furnished with charm. Since 2001, the Maso has a line of typical food products at zero km that has won international awards: it is the first company in Alto Adige to receive recognition from the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur association for the wholesomeness of its milk and its derivatives thanks to the natural Omega3.

The Lüch from Pcëi agritourism is sensitive to social responsibility issues with structured activities for the realisation of green energy sources, charity events in favour of Darfur, valorisation of mountain agriculture, recovery of ancient processes and crafts.

The latest pride and joy of Luke and Marina is the La Sieia Restaurant. The restaurant is housed in an old family sawmill and it faithfully respecs the original construction. It’s enriched by a Ladin-style decor with four stube, all in wood, by a modern design and, above all, a cuisine focused on typical dishes and genuine products.

Marina and Reinhold today are in charge of the various marketing activities of the Fanes Group.

The Crazzolara sisters are also engaged in the activities of the Fanes Group.

Herta has recovered an old 50s barn from and has turned into a typical restaurant, in the middle of the meadows that from Armentarola go up to the Falzarego Pass. The Pre ‘de Costa is her home, surrounded by lush nature: a family atmosphere where you immediately feel comfortable.

Ingrid and Margit manage modern and cosy facilities in the centre of San Cassiano, Ciasa Milandura and the La Rô Residence: these are ideal for large families or groups of friends looking for some privacy while still maintaining the feel of a private home. The La Rô Residence includes a relaxation area for guests. Ingrid is also responsible for the wellness area of ​​the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes, always attentive to the well-being of customers.

Finally, Rosmarie, who has been until recently an inspector in the Ladin schools in the province of Bolzano. For years she was engaged in efforts to promote an equal education model that privileges the learning of languages ​​and favours the diffusion and vitality of the Ladin language. Rosmarie believes that in the valleys children grow up with different native languages ​​and it is important for teachers to take this into account. The work done by Rosmarie on the Ladin teaching model expresses all the love for something that in these areas is rightfully considered as a valued heritage. This section, dedicated to the Ladin language and culture is possible thanks to her knowledge and the contribution she gave.

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