The identity of the Fanes Group is also the story of the Crazzolaras and it’s all in these words: peaceful approach to life, openness to innovation, respect for nature’s heritage, for their own identity, traditions and the Ladin culture. You can breathe it in every corner of the Group’s facilities, especially in the historic Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes in San Cassiano, opened in 1957 and among the first facilities of Alta Badia.

The Crazzolaras now manage nine accommodation structures between San Cassiano and Armentarola, four restaurants, refuges, lodges and zero km food production activities, retail shops, rentals and services for tourism. All strictly family-run.

In the late 50s, Maria and Corado were young newlyweds and in their Maso they decided to share their passion for agriculture with tourism. They offered their thirty rooms to the first guests: a great opportunity, as the sacrifices necessary to support the start-up of one of the top three hotels in San Cassiano.

Here, a new tourist culture trend in Val Badia began. An ever larger number of guests, international from the start, in the early years were happy with simple rooms and a homely service. In Corvara, there is the first Italian chair lift built thanks to the efforts of Erich Kostner, son of the great mountaineer Franz Kostner.

Erich was a great initiator of the diffusion of Alpine skiing in Alta Badia, building in 1947 the first facility in Col Alto: in the early 50s he founded the Corvara tourism consortium and the chair lift association in the province of Bolzano. This is the scenario from which the Fanes Group originated, with the opening of its first hospitality facility, the Hotel Fanes.

At first the hotel was based at the Ciasa Pcëi, a wooden house, according to a not so faithful translation from Ladin: Italian guests wanted to call it Negritella, but “Corado did not, because the name sounded too Italian, and the clientele was already international” says Maria Crazzolara.

“Not even a German name was suitable, due to its reference to the war, so for this reason my husband chose a Ladin name that derives from the legend of the Kingdom of the Fanes, as well as recalling the mountain massif that forms the Natural Park of the Dolomites together with the Sennes and Braies” concludes Frau Maria. Today, this prestigious four-star superior Hotel with Wellness Spa, a private heliport and Chalets with butler upon request, retains its original identity of a large private home with wooden furniture and finishings, dating back to the 16th century.

The Maso’s old barn, located between the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes and the Lüch from Pcëi agritourism, is completely made of wood, still intact today: an extraordinary monument to the ancient traditions and crafts of the valley, dated 1566.
Today the owners of the Fanes Group, the Crazzolaras, are a beautiful group of mothers and fathers, a management board that has been able to enhance the heritage of affective values ​​and local culture, innovating and expanding its markets with taste and savoir faire, according to an exemplary corporate vision.