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(Italiano) Majun da Pcëi


La Majun da Pcëi farm is the heart of the Lüch from Pcëi Agritourism.
Here we breed about one hundred dairy cows, respecting nature, in harmony with the surrounding environment, by integrating the business with pasture agriculture for the production and sale of organic dairy products of excellence.

With the milk from our farm we produce eleven different types of yogurt, a chocolate pudding and various fresh and aged cheeses, with natural or washed rind, plain and flavoured. All our products are certified “Natural Omega 3” by the nutritional food supply chain Bleu-Blanc-Coeur.

Our products are internationally awarded as excellences in the agri-food sector and sold through a network of over 70 retail shops both nationally and abroad.

Discover now all our products and find your nearest shop, or order directly online.

Breeding technique

We chose to use the free stall where animals enjoy loose housing and are free to move in the barn and on the outdoor pasture in order to provide the best health and hygene conditions to the animals.

Only natural feed

We do not use silage and GMO feed, but only hay from our fields naturally dried in the sun's heat.

Unpasteurised milk

To maintain unaltered the flavour and nutrients, we only work with whole and unpasteurised milk


in cellars with controlled temperatures and humidity levels

Award-winning products at international level

Since 2010 part of the food supply chain Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, the Consortium that certifies Natural Omega3.<br /> Silver medal for our cheese ``Conturines`` at the 2002 Austrian Cheese Olympics ``Käsiade``.

Str.Pecëi n°17
San Cassiano in Badia (BZ)


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