For those skiing down the Lagazuoi slope of the Falzarego Pass and looking for a connection to the Alta Badia Ski Carousel, there is a practical and entertaining way to climb up again: the … animal traction!

A pair of robust workhorses carrying forty people at a time that in a single hour can make four return trips, reaching the Alta Badia district in less than fifteen minutes. Our Noriker horse carriage has been there for twenty years and it’s one of a kind. It leads to the slopes towards the Piz Sorega cable car in San Cassiano.

In five minutes skiers and snowboarders go through more than one kilometre of road, otherwise accessible only on foot, crossing a forest that runs along ​​the Alta Badia Ski Carousel area.

The Armentarola horse carriage is entertaining fun for everyone, young and old.

For the two horses, pulling skiers is not a great effort: in old times, in fact, these animals were used to plow fields or drag logs through the woods and in general for activities useful to man. Today they live in their barn at the Alpre de Costa in preparation for the winter season…

To replenish themselves the horses eat at least thirty kg of dry matter and oats. The activity keeps them in good shape. They are sociable and intelligent animals and their pulling power ensures a useful service that replaces the traditional ski lift … with just a few Euros of grocery shopping!